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About Us

“Innovative large scale precision manufacture”

For the past 15 years, the Notion Group has kept the race and embraced this simple concept of innovation, precision and economies of scale. Established in 1995 by Choo, Lee and Thoo (who is a brother-in-law of the Choo family), our future-orientated enterprise has been growing consistently through continuous innovation and diligence. Starting out from humble beginnings, the Notion Group has succeeded in becoming a global supplier of high quality, precision machined parts. Presently, the Group has a staff count of over 1,250 people in 2 main locations in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.

Today, the Notion Group supplies high-precision, complex, ready-to-assemble precision-turned, milled, drilled and ground parts to renowned multi-national companies all over the world.

Notion stands for complete service with a very fast response time to customers needs. We provide a complete spectrum of services from design to production, tooling development, quality assurance, surface coating and finishing, heat treatment and shipping and logistics.

In the near term, the Notion Group will be increasing its regional footprint by establishing a manufacturing facility in Ayuthaya, Thailand thereby providing flexibility of locations to our global customers.

For the future, the Group will continue to innovate, learn new skills and invest in new technologies in order to stay ahead and provide the latest manufacturing processes to our customers.

It is a fact that Notion can only be as strong as the underlying industries we serve and in particular upon the strength of the business models of our clients many of whom are market leaders.