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Looking Ahead

Notion Venture Sdn Bhd started operations in late 1995 with a first year revenue of RM1 million and it organically grew over a period of time into a substantial present day Notion VTec Group of FY 2008 revenue of RM144 million. When computed, the CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) was 46.6% pa over the 14 years’ period and this feat was certainly very laudable and testimonial to the efforts put in by the management and staff.

The million dollar question facing an investor is: will the Notion Group continue on this chosen path of double digit high growth rate and is the pace sustainable?

Certainly the world is going through turbulent and volatile times of great uncertainties in the capital markets as well as on main street and with much pessimism of the economy and therefore, we can only be cautiously optimistic of the short term outlook. We should never discount the possibility of a run on the main currencies or prolong period of economic downturn.

Does that mean, we should turn negative and simply give up and do nothing? We believe in the creative and innovative mind of man to overcome even such unprecedented challenges and as an innovative Group, we will continue to plant viable seeds on good soil and help to water and nurture them into fruit-laden trees that will renew the Group’s growing “orchard.” We must never be afraid to take on risk amidst the gloomy climate.

Faith is the substance of things desired but yet to be seen and if we can have simple faith in a desired outcome, surely these things will come to pass.

One of the challenges of the Group will be to develop more leaders and over the next decade there will be in place the next echelon of leaders who will be trained to continue the process of rejuvenating the business life of the Group if the high growth model is to be sustained. The leaders must have the right values as the founders and be conscious of the commitment of being a responsible free market enterprise in the world.